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Product-Related Questions
How can I get a price quote and shipping cost information from Toolleader.com?
Product pricing and shipping information can be easily obtained from the Toolleader.com Website. To determine the shipping cost just add your items to the shopping cart and then click request a quote.  You'll see the shipping cost for your order total before checkout.  If you plan on making a volume purchase, you can call or email our sales department to request a quotation or arrange a special order.

Does Toolleader.com offer technical support?
Unfortunately, we do not offer any technical support. Please contact the product manufacturer or visit the manufacturer's Website for answers to your technical support questions.

Can Toolleader.com make a special order for items not listed on the website?
Our sales department can place special orders for customers that wish to place large-volume purchases. Please contact our sales department for price quotations and shipping estimates. Note that special order items are non-refundable and can only be exchanged for the exact same item in case of manufacturer defect.

What happens if something is out-of-stock?
Products listed on our website as "out-of-stock" usually come back in stock within a week or two. If we know a product will be out-of-stock for a long period of time or if the product has been discontinued, we will remove the product listing from the website. In rare cases, a product may go out of stock during the payment and shipping address verification process. In these cases, we will contact the customer if we believe that it will require more than 2 business days to ship out the item.

Is it possible to find or get a specific version, revision, or serial number of a particular item?
UNLESS directly specified by the product description or title, we do not guarantee revision or version numbers. Generally, our inventory moves quickly, so that we usually have the latest product version or revision in stock. Toolleader.com cannot tag a particular version or revision of an item and make the warehouse pick out the item.

Can Toolleader.com advise me on compatibility for the items that I wish to purchase?
We cannot guarantee product compatibility. We suggest that you check with the manufacturer to resolve any compatibility issues before making your purchase. The manufacturer should be able to accurately answer your technical questions.

I noticed that the price has dropped for an item that I recently purchased. If my order has not shipped, can I get a refund for the difference?
We are sorry but tool prices change often and too quickly for us to offer price guarantees. If your order has not yet processed, you can cancel your order and reorder the item at the lower price.

What is the difference between Bulk and Retail products?
Retail and Buil versions usually contain the same product but differ in terms of packaging and instructions. The retail version of the product will usually include instruction and possibly other offers  enclosed in a retail package, the kind you see on store shelves. The retail version may also feature a longer warranty. The Bulk (OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer), White Box, or Brown Box versions will come in a plain box without any instructions and other special offers. Bulk tools are primarily targeted for people who aren't resellers and cost less than the retail versions due to the reduced instruction/offers and lack of ostentatious packaging.

What is the warranty on Toolleader.com products?
Please visit our Warranties & Returns page for information about our product warranties and return policy.

Who covers the lifetime warranty mentioned on the Toolleader.com website?
If our site states "Lifetime Warranty" for a product, Toolleader.com covers the warranty.

What does "Individual", "Part Only", or "Bulk" item mean?
These brand new items come exactly as they are described. You will only receive the individual part or the "part only" and usually will not include any documentation, or accessories (although the full item might be pictured - you'll only receive what is described in the title and description and now what is shown in the image).